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Professional Electricians in Phoenix, AZ

Odemz Plumbing Inc. has been sincerely serving its most respectable clients with comprehensive electrical facilities. Our employees are the most professional electricians in Phoenix, AZ, and its surrounding areas. We identify with the importance of delivering quality service thus never tolerate the slightest negligence when it comes to the work. Our utmost goal is to provide the community with efficient and durable electric systems without disturbing their bank accounts.

Our Facility is Thorough & Comprehensive

Once you are at Odemz Plumbing Inc., there will be no need to go anywhere else. Our facility is customized and specialized, sufficient enough to cover all your electric-related needs. From installation to maintenance, repair, and replacement, there is no task our electricians can not perform sufficiently.

Certified & Licensed Staff

Every electrician has a minimum of 5 years of experience along with matchless technical expertise. Moreover, the workers are all permanent employees. We never hire freelancers! We only appoint certified and licensed employees to sustain the standard of our facility.

Committed to Excellence

Since the first day, our values and objectives have been clear. We are determined to offer premium electrician services in Phoenix, AZ. Over the past eight years, we have served many clients. Some of them were residential, while others owned commercial properties.

With each facility, we learned and developed.  Our technical know-how enhanced, and today there is no electrical appliance we can’t install or repair.

We realize the significance and impact of our work. The staff shares a mutual passion for serving the community with utmost dedication!

Our Project History Is Impecabble

Among all the clients we have served in the past years, today most are our regular customers. Whenever they have an electrical emergency, our customer care gets a call, and we reach their homes/office in a maximum of 15 minutes. Your time is valuable to us. Thus, we will never keep you waiting. Moreover, the matter also concerns your safety as any minor electrical error can be a serious concern. Therefore, it is better to get rid of it as soon as possible.


Jake Pfizenmaier
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Indeed, the best electricians in town! These guys did the wiring of my whole house, and I often hire to for electrical installation. So far, highly professional and quality work. You can unquestionably rely on their expertise.
Robert Drew
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Thank you, Odemz Plumbing Inc.!!! I bought a new house, but its wiring and panel were all mess up. We were distraught at first, but then my husband finds these guys, THE BEST! I would highly recommend them!! The owner Leo is very cooperative and experienced.
Greg Kemnitz
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Great Work! The staff was professional and knowledgeable. I had a pleasing experience. Keep it up, Odemz Plumbing Inc.!!!A